5 Factors To Consider When Selecting A Free Online Store Builder

Online Store Builder

Most of entrepreneurs are using recent trends to build their online stores using e-commerce platforms. They prefer these platforms because they are fast to create a site and have numerous feature. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you need to choose a platform to build your online store which is more beneficial and economical than starting from scratch.

Sometimes it may be a challenging task to choose the best platform to build your store. Options for choosing are many, but it depends on your requirements.  To avoid mistakes when selecting the right platform, here are five factors you should consider:


Security should be the first consideration. During payments, you will handle different customers’ sensitive information like a password. Hence, you need to choose a secure payments option to assure your customers that their data is safe. In this essence, when selecting your online store builder, select the one with total security.  A store builder that has SSL (security sockets layer) integration is essential for assurance of protection.


At a time, you may want to modify your online store according to your business needs or changing trends. Thus, Flexible platforms are crucial as they will enable you to customize your store and make it better. Also, modifying your store becomes an easy task.

Facilitate products review and ratings

Nothing adds trust to customers when purchasing a product like reviews and ratings. Customers will have the confidence to buy your products if there are experiences shared by other customers about the product. Therefore, when choosing an online store builder, consider the products review and rating features. By doing so, you will be building trust in your customer that your products are reliable.

Customer support

Every entrepreneur can expect difficulties when operating their online store. They may find it difficult to solve the problem alone. Thus, they look for assistance from relevant sources. As an entrepreneur, choose an online store builder that is reliable and that offers 24/7 customer support.

Mobile commerce compatibility

Customers are using their mobile phones to make purchases. They find this easy and most convenient as they can make purchases at any time.  Thus, online store builders that are compatible with the mobile-ready platform should be your consideration. Also, Google will rank your store higher, if it is mobile-ready.

Wrapping up

Online store builder will enable you to create a professional online store for your business. Thus, having these factors in mind will enable you to come up with a unique store. By doing so, customers will differentiate you from competitors.


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